PowerPoint & Keynote Secrets For Projection Display screen Success

I never want to explain to you that PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote apps are possibly your number one resource for presentations but be conscious that what you see on your laptop display is not always what you will see on a online video or projection monitor. Listed here are some critical methods and guidelines to consider when constructing your displays for your subsequent meeting, seminar or specific event. Allow your attendees get the most out of your tough function.

I have worked on countless programs that have employed PowerPoint and Keynote as a main focal point for their product sales meetings, award display celebrations and other activities and I can’t tell you how a lot of moments I’ve witnessed attendees wrestle to see what they were invited there to see. Why unfastened your audience in the back again of the place if you don’t have to? 1 or more of them quite possibly could be your subsequent company superstar but they skipped your presentation due to the fact they merely could not see it and determined to play solitaire on their intelligent phone.

Lets incorporate yet another layer to the requirement of achieving the consideration of your attendees from the front row to the again row. With a telephone or laptop, a wi-fi connection and a small social media at your attendee’s fingertips, they might be posting in real time what a bore your presentation is. Not good. You can keep away from much of this by adhering to these recommendations when developing your program for a projection monitor in any location or meeting place. You could have listened to the phrase, “Presentation is every thing.” By no means just take this phrase for granted.

*Lets start with font / level size.

Right here is a quick test you can try out appropriate now. Enter a sentence in your document in 6 different position measurements **(ten, 12, fourteen, sixteen, 18, 20). Then merely go 4 toes back from your keep an eye on or notebook monitor. Without having straining or squinting your eyes, which is the smallest position size that is simplest or most comfortable to read? I’m likely consider a shot and say you selected a position size of fourteen or 16. Hold your font size at fourteen or greater and you will be on the income every time. If you are unable to see your textual content material at this distance, neither can your audience or attendees viewing it on a projection display irrespective of screen measurement. We phone this The four Foot Rule. It’s a excellent idea to have satellite plasma screens in exceptionally huge venues but you genuinely want to preserve your friends centered on the action on your phase.

Comprehending Unfavorable Space

For numerous years I’ve had discussions with function planners in need to have of a remedy for creating really architecturally active assembly spaces or pre-themed environments vanish and turning large, complicated areas into personal environments with the use of lighting. Understanding the idea of negative room is the essential and the identical applies to your display presentations. Direct your viewers eyes the place you want them. White backgrounds with black text is not advised. The white space overpowers your textual content. You want your presentation to be dynamic. You want to maintain the viewers consideration. Use dark backgrounds with substantial contrast text, set borders about your pictures and never litter your slides. An impression with a one line of textual content or a handful of bullet factors is the most effective use of your slide actual estate. It attracts the viewers eyes to the actual articles you want them to see without having distractions.


I’m heading to cut to the chase right here and say there are plenty of internet websites that examine color schemes and the use of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colours but for now, allows concentrate on what operates on a projection display. Shade concept and colorimetry may possibly be a subject matter for another day listed here. Take observe, what you see listed here, the color saturation and contrast is not what you will see on a projection display. **See hyperlink below for colour image of this chart.

Blue text will not work on dark or black backgrounds.
Cyan text will operate on darkish or black backgrounds.
Green text will not perform on dim or black backgrounds.
Yellow text will work effectively on dim or black backgrounds.
Orange text will perform on darkish or black backgrounds.
Never use purple text on darkish or black backgrounds.
Pink text will function on dim or black backgrounds.
White textual content will operate ideal on darkish or black backgrounds.
Below is one very last secret for squint evidence, easy on the eyes presentation. If colors from image have an substantial plan that you are unable to break up with photos or you have to have slides containing a paragraph of text, go to your coloration picker and use a really very light shade of grey.

Some extremely important additional suggestions.

In no way use graphics that do not pertain to your message. The phrase “Less is far more” in this respect is without a question, a hundred% correct.
Adhere to one particular font established in your presentation. Sans Serif fonts are very best for projection screens as Serif fonts are intended to be employed with much more textual content (Like a paragraph or ebook).
Just take a search at your favourite news plan on Tv set and keep an eye out for how textual content is offered. Use it as a visual guideline. You will notice subtle movement this kind of as swipes and fades, bulleted text and quite minimum animation.
Use or produce personalized important slide / crucial frame backgrounds or qualifications photographs. Remain absent from using the backgrounds provided with the computer software. Everybody on EARTH has observed them presently.
Use the maximum top quality / resolution graphics and images you can discover. Never acquire your images from the net unless you know how to uncover higher resolution images. Graphics and textual content decorations on the web are generally minimal resolution. Comprehension some copyright legislation on using world wide web photographs is a excellent notion as effectively.

Bear in mind this:

Your presentation is not a stand by itself document. If your slides are well crafted, your PowerPoint or Keynote document need to require YOU, your narrative to have that means. It is a resource to emphasize your important points, to add a little bit of visual depth and perhaps an emotional connection with your viewer to initiate action. It is a instrument that ties a visual movement to your words and phrases, not the opposite. If it is a lot more than this you have to considerably content material on your screen. Put all of this together and you will have a effective presentation at your following occasion or conference. An individual may possibly even Tweet a great remark about it back at the office.-)

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