How to identify Original Kona Coffee before Making a Purchase

Most people who loves coffee know when to appreciate a quality cup of coffee. Kona coffee made in Hawaii is a special drink. As most people’s choice, kona coffee tend to have more on the demand especially on the premium authentic beans. But they are worth every cent!

About Kona Coffee

Original Kona beans are planted in the vast Island of Hawaii in the Kona area. This unique coffee is grown at elevations of 2000 feet maximum on the mountain slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai. These areas contain rich volcanic soils that provide rich optimum weather conditions for production of fine coffee. On average, one coffee tree produces about two pounds of roasted coffee per growing period and harvesting is usually done by hand. Planting of coffee arrived in Kona district back in the 19th century and recently, there are approximately 800 coffee farms owned by families in the Kona district, each distributed in less than 5 acres.

The 100% high quality value in Kona coffee

In the today’s market where almost every product has its twin fake product walking into a market store to get what you have in mind might not seem so easy. Coffee industry is also within the bracket. This unique coffee brand is most often misinterpreted as Kona Roast or Kona Blend which in most cases does not represent what you want to pay for. If you are a true coffee drinker and understand every taste, you will absolutely know the difference. Kona blend, like its name suggest that it is made of a mixture of Kona beans, but it is in most cases contain small amount of true Kona coffee from Hawaii. A mixture with all sorts of coffee round other countries and put under Kona brand.

On the safe side, the original Hawaiian specialty coffee is strictly branded and divided into 2 types and other several grades. These are Kona Extra Fancy, Kona Fancy, Kona Select, Kona Number 1 and Kona Prime as Type 1 and Type II brands consists of Peaberry Number 1 and Peaberry Prime. If you purchase any of these types it is sure guarantee that you are buying authentic products.

To be considered original, the state of Hawaii demands the labelling to read 100% Kona Coffee. This is a pretty indication to look at when you are out there looking for the original coffee type.

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