What is Personal proxy server

A proxy is personal computer that supplies a community provider to let clientele to develop indirect network connections to other network providers. Non-public proxy is setup for interior users or having to pay consumers. best residential proxy have firewall or authentication system to block invalid link. They are devoted servers for particular customers and consumers, more rapidly, reliable, and safer than public free of charge proxy.


one. Large overall performance

Since the non-public proxy server is committed for particular consumers and customers, it will not be accessed by a lot of general public end users. So The speed, bandwidth are assured. The overall performance is much better than the free of charge general public proxy servers.

two. No safety risk

Some general public proxy servers are provided by hackers to obtain your data, they are hazardous. This sort of issue does not exist in personal servers.


Personal server could be uptime a hundred%. The provider will be offered all your life if you spend for them.


1. Not free of charge

Non-public server is not free of charge, you have to pay funds to get services.

It is honest. Since the resource(server,bandwidth) is only liked by by yourself, so you are not able to get it with out acquire.

A single non-public server cost is normally five$ten10$ for every month.

two.Only 1 place

If you like US proxy, you can purchase US 1.

If you like Uk proxy, you can buy United kingdom one particular.

But You can’t acquire personal server in every nation, and it is a waite of funds to buy to a lot of proxies.

Totally free consider multi-nation answer for personal proxy servers

You cannot locate personal proxy server for totally free, even it is challenging to discover totally free try chance.

Rapid Hide IP Platinum application provides free of charge consider non-public proxies in numerous countries.

In comparison with other personal server(5ten10$ for each thirty day period), the application cost is reasonably reduced, only 29.ninety five$/year.

Its main functions are:

1. You can use US/United kingdom/DE proxies. There is no want to get non-public proxy in various nations around the world.

2. three-working day free trial to appreciate the private provider.

three. Don’t want to alter proxy in IE/Firefox/Chrome manually every single time, you can do this in Quick Cover IP Platinum by “One particular Click”.

4. Fully appropriate with World wide web Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

five. Fully compatible with Home windows XP,Home windows 2003,Home windows Vista and Home windows seven.

six. Automatically swap IP tackle each and every X minutes for better nameless browsing.

7.Innovative proxy list tests, sorting, sand administration.