Eco-friendly door mats can make an invaluable addition to your home or office building, not only as practical solutions but also with positive environmental outcomes. All materials used are eco-friendly while their elegant designs will bring style into any entrance way.
Reduced Pollution

Eco-Friendly Entrance Mats provide one of the primary benefits of using them – helping reduce pollution in both homes and offices. Made of recycled material, these mats don’t release any harmful compounds into the air that could affect its quality.

These mats are also designed to trap dirt, dust and moisture before it enters a building, helping reduce pollution while saving on energy costs by decreasing how often cleaning chemicals such as paper towels or mops need to be used.

People don’t realize it, but much of the dirt brought into buildings by foot traffic can actually be reduced through proper matting! An effective system typically includes an all-weather resistant mat outside of an entranceway, an absorbent scraper mat, and a heavy duty weather resistant doormat to keep dirt at bay.
Increased Ultimate Mats -friendly entrance mat can make a dramatic impactful difference to the air quality in your home or office. Crafted from natural materials that don’t emit any toxins into the atmosphere, eco-friendly mats are a fantastic addition to your space!

Improving air quality in your home or office is crucial, as it can have an immediate and long-term effect on both yourself, your family, and employees – not to mention its potential effects on company finances due to absenteeism caused by poor air quality.

There are various solutions available to your facility to reduce dust, dirt and debris that comes in from outside. Entrance matting can be designed to capture most of the tracked-in soil as well as provide a surface that traps moisture.
Reduced Waste

Entrance mats are designed to prevent dirt, dust, and moisture from entering buildings, thus decreasing the amount of cleaning products and water required to keep floors looking their best and lessening waste sent directly to landfills.

Eco-friendly entrance mats are constructed from recyclable and biodegradable materials that help reduce waste in both homes and offices, improve air quality within buildings, and prevent the release of harmful chemicals into the environment.

Reducing waste sent to landfills, these eco-friendly mats can also promote a more eco-friendly and healthy environment, drawing in customers of various backgrounds.
Increased Inspiration

Sustainable business decisions are essential, for numerous reasons. Not only can they reduce carbon emissions while providing employees with safe working environments.

Opting to outfit your building with an eco-friendly entry mat is one way to distinguish yourself from competitors. Eco-friendly mats made of recycled materials or biodegradable plastic are available, while the more luxurious options can even help to protect floors against dirt. The latter are usually more costly; however, their effectiveness in keeping dust at bay cannot be overstated.

Waterhog, the leading manufacturer of commercial floor matting, offers an expansive selection of eco-friendly door mats to meet every budget and style. Be sure to ask our friendly customer service team about how best to green up your establishment with matting solutions – they’re standing by with answers for any query no matter how small!