Introducing your self to wedding vendors is crucial considering that these are the people who will turn into an endless supply of referrals for you. Get out there and meet absolutely everyone, with an emphasis on absolutely everyone! Feel beyond your standard caterers, florists and photographers. Travel Agents, make-up artists, massage therapists, ballroom dance instructors…you never ever know where that subsequent referral is coming from.


I know, I know, but instead of considering of your fellow wedding planners as ‘the competition’, think of them as an endless supply of referrals for your wedding arranging organization. Yes, referrals!

Think about that you and I are both wedding planners in the similar town. A bride comes to me needing help with just day-of wedding services. The issue is that I lately made the choice to perform on complete-service weddings only. Rather than turn her away, I contact you and ask if you happen to be interested and readily available to enable her. Or maybe a bride requests your expert wedding planning solutions but you’re already booked on her wedding day. Envision how grateful your bride would be if you are capable to propose her to me, a different fab wedding consultant.

You get the thought? Unless (or until) you have an entourage of wedding planners operating for you, it is unlikely that you can deal with all of the wedding organizing company in your town. Get to know the other ‘professional’ wedding planners out there…you will be so glad that you did.


Your subsequent step is to make a list of the specific vendors you’d like to meet. A very good location to start out is the nearby vendor listing on The Knot. Do not get in touch with any person just but. At this stage you happen to be just developing a list. Look at vendor web sites, study bride testimonials and you are going to quickly get a really feel of whom you’d like to know far better.

Neighborhood bridal shows are a different supply for wedding vendors. Normally the show organizers print a program and list wedding vendor names on the bridal show website.


Set a objective to meet a specific number of wedding pros every single week. Contact each vendor and arrange a 15-minute appointment to introduce your self. Taking the time to make the call shows them that you are a professional. Do not just ‘drop in’ unannounced!

I’ve discovered that most vendors get busier as the week progresses, so you may well want to arrange for your appointment to occur earlier in the week. Of course, that may well not usually be the case. Each vendor you make contact with will let you know what time operates very best for them.

five. Study Each and every VENDOR

As soon as you have secured an appointment with a wedding vendor, familiarize yourself with their business ahead of your meeting.

Verify out , their blog, Google them, study brochures, and so forth. Though the point of the meeting is to uncover out as much as you can about the vendor’s line of enterprise, feel about how you will answer any questions s/he may have about your wedding planing business enterprise.
Be prepared to answer questions succinctly and with self-assurance. Nobody wants to hear you ramble on about yourself (except you, perhaps).

6. WIIFM:”What is In It For Me? (the vendor, that is!)
Yes, that’s appropriate think meticulously about what you can do for every single and every single wedding vendor you meet. Do you have a shared interest? Or somebody that they would be interested in functioning with? When you go out of your way for an additional vendor (or any person for that matter), you raise the likelihood of that person undertaking the same for you.


For your face-to-face vendor meeting, dress as you would for a client meeting. Bear in mind the adage ‘you under no circumstances get a second chance to make a very first impression’. You are representing your organization.

Bring added business cards just in case your vendor asks to keep a handful of on hand to share with his/her consumers.
Center your energy and attention on the vendor. Turn off your cell telephone and/or BlackBerry! Even if s/he doesn’t extend the identical courtesy to you–so don’t get flustered if telephone calls, clientele or employees concerns interrupt the flow of your meeting.