Hacker leaks database of dark web hosting provider

A programmer has released online today the database of Daniel’s Hosting (DH), the biggest free web facilitating supplier for dark web administrations.

The spilled information was gotten after the programmer penetrated DH not long ago, on March 10, 2020. At that point, DH proprietor Daniel Winzen revealed to ZDNet the programmer penetrated his entry, took its database, and afterward cleaned all workers.

On March 26, fourteen days after the penetrate, DH shut down its administration for good, encouraging clients to move their destinations to new dark web facilitating suppliers. Around 7,600 websites – 33% of all dark web entryways – went down after DH’s shutdown.


Today, a programmer passing by the name of KingNull transferred a duplicate of DH’s taken database on a document facilitating gateway, and told ZDNet, since we broke the report about the DH hack in March.

As per a quick investigation of the present information dump, the spilled information incorporates 3,671 email addresses, 7,205 record passwords, and 8,580 private keys for .onion (dark web) spaces.

“The spilled database contains touchy data on the proprietors and clients of a few thousand darknet areas,” danger insight firm Under the Breach revealed to ZDNet today after we requested that the organization investigate the hole.

Under the Breach said the spilled information can be utilized to tie the proprietors of spilled email delivers to certain dark web gateways.

“This data could significantly help law requirement track the people running or participating in criminal operations on these darknet locales,” Under the Breach told ZDNet.

Moreover, if the website proprietors moved their dark web entries to new facilitating suppliers however kept on utilizing the old secret key, programmers could likewise assume control over their new records – on the off chance that they split the spilled DH hashed passwords.

In any case, while danger insight firms and law implementation may brush the database looking for hints of clients who facilitated cybercrime-related locales, the spilled information may likewise put the proprietors of dissenter and political destinations in danger of having their characters uncovered by abusive systems, which could have disparate outcomes if those clients didn’t find a way to secure their personalities.
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IP addresses, which could have helped law requirements in certain examinations, were excluded from the dumped information.


The March 2020 hack was the second time that DH endured a security break. The site had been recently hacked in November 2018 when an interloper likewise penetrated the site’s backend database worker and erased all destinations. More than 6,500 were cleaned at that point, however, no information was ever spilled.

Notwithstanding, DH isn’t the main significant dark web facilitating supplier to have been hacked. In 2017, the equivalent Anonymous programmer aggregate brought down Freedom Hosting II after they found that the facilitating supplier was protecting kid misuse entryways.

Kinnoull, who likewise professed to be a piece of the Anonymous programmer aggregate, didn’t restore an email looking for extra remark.

Following the March 2020 hack, Winzen disclosed to ZDNet that he despite everything plans to relaunch the administration in a while, yet simply after a few upgrades, and this was not a need.

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